Health Tips

Ayurveda teaches us how to maintain and protect health, how to cure diseases and how to promote longevity.

Health Tips

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Author: Ayur Mithra

The skin thirsts for your touch and attention. When warm herbalized oil is rubbed gently all over the skin, your body and your mind feel pampered and relaxed. Treat your skin to the magic of self-massage (abhyanga) today. With over

Ayurvedic science shows us not only how to cure diseases but also how to prevent their occurrence. The causes of disease are caused by an imbalance in the humours of an individual’s body or more specifically the three dosha’s of

The science of Ayurveda originated within the Vedas, India’s ancient books of knowledge. (The Vedas were first perceived and not composed by the meditative minds of the ancient Rishis who lived in the caves and mountains of India.) The Vedic

Ayurveda, the ancient medical science of India, is accepted as the oldest scientific medical system, with a long record of clinical experience. It is not merely a doctrine of medical treatment, but a way of healthy long life. Ayurveda teaches