Yoga is the union of Body and Mind. Therapeutic Yoga is restorative, curative, palliative and addresses specific ailments directly. This form of Yoga balances the body, mind and soul through specific asanas (yogic postures) targeted to the diseases present.

Therapeutic Yoga offers relief from physical pain improves joint and organ function and is substantially different from regular forms of Yoga that offer relaxation and a workout.

The truth behind therapeutic yoga is simple – The human body can function optimally only if it is in a state of dynamic balance, an integrated balance in body – mind and soul.

Following are the specific Therapeutic Yoga classes that are held at the clinic.

  • Yoga for diabetes
  • Yoga for digestive ailments
  • Yoga for heart ailments
  • Yoga for arthritis
  • Yoga for emotional and mental imbalances

At the Ayurveda Clinic, trained yoga therapists will help you work with your condition to get a relief.

Please contact the clinic for the current schedule and timings.

Paschat karma is a third stage of panchakarma. It involves restoration of strong digestive enzymes and rejuvenation of tissues. This paschat karma is designed to nourish, strengthen, and balance the newly detoxified tissues. The aim is to establish increased energy level, strengthen the immune system, and increase longevity. It is done by taking strengthening herbs for a month.

Panchakarma procedures have been tried successfully around the world. Many studies show increase in energy, appetite, and mental tranquility and sound sleep, reduction in stress level, and decrease in blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, pain and fatigue.

Panchakarma can be successfully used as preventive measure in conditions like heart problems, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, arthritis, MS, allergies, asthma, Depression, stress, insomnia, anxiety, ADD, SAD, digestive disorders, and many more.

Panchakarma therapy is a thorough and elaborate detoxifying procedure that people of all ages enjoy