Ayurvedic treatment is aimed towards regaining our natural balanced state or ‘prakruti’ and the Ayurvedic practitioner considers all possible Ayurvedic treatments & techniques that could provide effective treatment for the patient to regain their health & equilibrium. The treatment has three stages.

During the first stage consultation, Doctor will ask you a series of questions to gather information about your current health condition, past history of related diseases, your eating patterns and daily routine.

Secondly seeking to strengthen the immune system of the patient with the relevant Ayurvedic remedies to balance or increase the digestive process or ‘Agni’ and improve elimination. This helps to improve assimilation of nutrients in the diet and to aid in the elimination of waste products and toxins or ‘ama’ from the body.

Thirdly dietary modifications, daily regimens recommendations, natural herbal formulas, guidelines for a practice of Pranayama, Meditation, and Panchakarma This prescription will improve the quality of your life.

The patient will also have the opportunity to voice any emotional or psychological problems that they may have as this also greatly effects the disease process.